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Remote Support (Desktop Sharing & Help Desk)

When it comes to desktop sharing over the internet, Priority Meeting Suite provides more than just an easy-to-use, download-free Internet desktop sharing service -- it provides an experience.

Remote desktop support and online desktop sharing is an integral part of any modern business, big or small, because it allows staff or clients to work in a collaborative environment. While most web desktop sharing services are complicated, hard to use or require special software, our program is straight forward and can be accessed from virtually anywhere. There are no hassles, no hidden costs and no need to worry because we do everything for you.

Priority Meeting is proud to offer the best desktop sharing and remote support services on the planet. Our online collaboration software solution solves all of your communication, demonstration or debugging needs with the click of a mouse.

Benefits of Remote Support Services

  • Share your desktop and mouse control with meeting attendees
  • Temporary remote control of PCs across firewalls
  • Easy access to presentation material such as videos, documents, images and more
  • Reliably provide remote support solutions to clients and staff
  • Manage multiple customers at the same time
  • Increase customer satisfaction with broadened services
  • Increase efficiency
  • Impress customers with no waiting for a returned phone call
  • Net desktop sharing

Premier Remote Desktop Support

Revolutionize your customer support with our remote desktop support system. Take remote control of client computers quickly to identify problems, provide solutions and offer online training sessions to anyone, anywhere. You and your staff can access their work computer's desktop from anywhere, increasing production and reducing stress. The possibilities are endless with Priority Meeting Suite. In Canada, desktop support has never been this easy to use and fun!

Standout Technology for Support and Sales Departments

Your company can provide technical support services by viewing a customer's computer and guiding them through solutions step by step. All they have to do is give you permission. This saves time and money because your technicians never have to leave the office.

This service is also great for sales representatives who want to demonstrate how a product works on an end-user's computer. By giving a user remote access or accessing the user's desktop, a sales representative can make use of any software or tools needed to convey the message.

Desktop and application sharing means your web meeting participants will see what you are doing as you do it, including how you move your mouse, what you click on and what you type. This provides a very effective environment for teaching, selling and communicating.